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Pretty Girls and Handsome Guys, the treasures of 4e4'08. Along side with Ms.Neo, Ms LiNan and Ms Wong. We are the ROCKIEST class in JYSS! XD


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O Lvl Result release
Wednesday, January 7, 2009 |10:03:00 PM

Hey 4e4! How have you all been?
Wanna inform you all that this coming Monday, 12 Jan, O Lvl Results will be release!
So be prepared!

Good luck, all the best! Jiayou! [=


Monday, November 24, 2008 |6:35:00 PM

Hey 4e4!

For those who are going for the class bbq tomorrow(25 nov), please bring $8 each person by TOMORROW(25 nov) and pass it to cherie. If not, Evon or Vanessa are also fine. And you are encouraged to wear your class tee. Please bring extra clothes (t-shirt and pants) just in case u'll get wet because we'll be playing water and WATER BOMB!=). For girls, please DO NOT wear white colour t-shirt or else.... you should know why when u get wet. haha. If we know that you never bring extra clothes,hehehe, water bomb is coming.=)I'm soo evil. And lastly, lets ENJOY!=) See you there at pasir ris park pit 10 area 1 5pm tomorrow. If you're lost or anything, you can call cherie or evon. =)

And everyone, lets thank Izzati and her parents for helping us cook bee hoon k?=)

Anybody helping to set the fire, please tell cherie and reach there by 4.30pm.ty=)

smile always=)
#0002 was here

Friday, November 21, 2008 |8:10:00 PM

Hey class! Want to show you guys something!

This is Ms Linan's baby! His name is GuiGui if I'm not wrong. He was born on 8Nov!
Here's a photo of him! :D

Vanessa was here!
Take care. :D

Class BBQ
|7:44:00 PM

Hey Hey Hey!

The pit is booked already. Yay!=) So we're going to have our bbq this coming tuesday(25 nov). 5pm at pasir ris park pit number 10. Don't be late ya? So other than Jian Xin,Melvin and Kiat Wee, is there anyone else who wants to sponsor? And we need someone to cook bee hoon. Anyone can help? But must be halal!

And and and...
Any gentleman willing to go slightly earlier to set up the fire and stuffs? Maybe help to carry the drinks and all that? Please tell cherie asap ok? Or tag tag also can. Thank You!

And thanks to Ms Zaleha for helping us to book the pit and stuffs.=)

The amount of $$ needed to pay for those who are going will be updated in the blog very soon. So please check the blog often ya?

And some teachers will be coming too. =)

Enjoy your holiday! And have fun during the BBQ k?

smile always=)
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4E4's BBQ
Thursday, November 20, 2008 |1:33:00 PM

Hey peeps!

We will be having a class BBQ on 25 Nov(tues). It will be at pasir ris park. I'll tell you more details again so please come check the blog more often. k?

Anybody can sponsor anything? haha=)

1.Bee Hoon-->Izzati
4.Chicken wing
5.Hot dog/Sausage

1. Syrup kind
2. Tumbler-->Cherie
3. Ice

1. Charcoal
2. Tongs
3. Tray
4. Aluminum Foil
5. netting
6. butter
7. brush
8. charcoal tongs
11. Lighter
12. cup
15. plate

If you can, please let cherie or evon know about it. Thank you. Or you can just tag to let us know.
And tell us which date you prefer ya? Any gentleman want to help carry things? You can also let us know about it.heh=)

smile always=)
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Sunday, November 16, 2008 |1:38:00 AM

Here's the videos for both year - 3e4 & 4e4. Enjoyed the videos. And Play Hard now! =D Last but not least, CONGRATULATION 4E4`08!! You all has Graduated from JunYuan Secondary School! Keep in contact yah?? xD




Thursday, November 13, 2008 |8:58:00 PM

Hey peeps!

I'm soo sorry for cancelling the swensens trip as Mr Tan has something on. I'll arrange again another day ok? But maybe either this Monday or else it will be after prom night. I'll message you all again ok?

Another thing is whether you all want a class chalet or BBQ? If chalet, there will only be left with Coasta Sand. So how? Please tag to tell us so that we can make arrangements.

So, we've all finally graduated. Happy? Must stay in contact ok? Must always return to the class blog to check up for new updates ok?

All the best for your future~

smile always=)
#0002 was here.